Colby Lapolla
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All vocals, all the time.

Coaching, production, consulting.

Colby Lapolla is an internationally sought after vocal coach and producer from Nashville, TN with clients on major publishing, recording, and synch deals, American Idol, NBC’s The Voice, and major cruise lines, in addition to Disney cast members.

Her performance experience spans the globe and all genres, lending a unique perspective to approaching the vocal needs of each client. Colby has worked extensively with touring artists and is well-equipped to handle the challenges a singer faces on the road, while also ensuring the highest quality of product in and out of the studio. She attributes much of her vocal understanding and ability to her degree in music from Belmont University, as well as her certification with Brett Manning of Brett Manning Studios on Music Row.

What sets Colby apart is her ear. What started as simply a passion for helping clients sing with greater ease has quickly morphed into a full-service vocal consulting and holistic artist development brand. She is all about being the number one trusted set of ears for her artists. For some clients this means co-writing, for some it means production, and for others it means vocal arranging and touring with the artist herself. 

Vocal production is a passion for Colby in and of itself, as it fuses the analytical and the creative, the technical knowledge with artistry, and her keen ear and easygoing demeanor add immense value to any studio setting. 

Colby is committed to helping each and every client find their voice and be heard. And beyond that, to teach them how to strategically leverage their voice into a long career in music. She has coached a wide range of artists across genres and around the world, and she is an invaluable asset in the studio and on the road.

"If you’re singing for a living, your voice is your business and your product. And it has to be consistent. You have to have the tools to be strategic with your voice so that you can do what you already do best, even better." -Colby Lapolla