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BRETT MANNING | creator of Singing Success method

“I highly recommend sessions with the amazing Colby! You’ll love her voice, her enthusiasm and mostly the results you’ll get working with her.


MICHAEL McQUAID | recording artist

This warm up has been a part of my daily regimen since I got it back from Colby. I’ve done random internet warm ups and singing CDS that just ended up confusing me. Colby creates something that caters specifically to the singer. And that makes it that much more worth it.  In just a few sessions, Colby has transformed my voice. I highly recommend her warm up package and just Colby as a voice teacher. It’s so important to take care of your voice, but do something that’s made specifically for you! 

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KATHLEEN REGAN | recording artist, the voice alum

Thank you for making me push my limits vocally and allowing me to really test my strength. Thank you for making me sing a song with all these little riffs because I never had the confidence to tackle them before. Oh & thank you for creating an environment where I can mess up and we laugh and say f*ck it and move on. If anyone in Nashville is in need of some vocal lovin' - I found your person.


MICHAEL SCARLETT | army vocalist

Colby Lapolla is an excellent vocal coach who will challenge everything you know about singing! Having worked with her I can tell you she puts special care and emphasis on the singer and she'll work diligently to grind out a path to improvement!


ZACH LAUGHLIN | vocalist in Rebel Union

Definitely one of the best vocal coaches out there! She knows her stuff!


ROBERT FLEMING | voice actor

I've taken one lesson with Colby. Had a blast! She's relatable, worked with me where I was and helped me understand what needed work...and specifically what to do in the future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Book a lesson now before her rates go up.


BRIAN BRAMMER | professional vocalist

Can change/enhance the way even experienced singers consider and utilize their voice. First-class coach and human being.